My hope is that this blog about seeking greatness, constantly bettering myself and those around me, will be the door or flood gate that opens and unleashes the kind of learning that has always attracted me in my life as long as I can remember.

My interests are of all things metaphysical (self improvement, astrology, spiritual growth, numerology, natural healing, crystal work, using your intuition – and contrary to myth we all have intuition we can tap into for guidance, tarot reading, etc.).  I love to read; in fact, I probably read about two to six books per week depending on my work schedule.

I meditate to find balance and center myself as needed, write books for pleasure, reference and per request of those in my circle of friends, family and clients.  I am co-owner to a unique, jam-packed metaphysical gift shop in historical, downtown Milford, Ohio named Enchanted Moments, bursting at the seams with too much wonder and eyes-wide-open discoveries that you really must visit a few times to take it all in.

But, this blog is mine.  An outlet for both my creativity and pleasures.  It’s here that I’ll write about the topics I’m focusing on and want to share.